It has been 5 months since the start of this blog. A relatively short time. I can’t help but wonder what it will be like a year from now, when I’m writing the 2019 yearly review. In these short few months, I’ve already picked up some skills and gained more knowledge while blogging. I know for certain that 2019 will be better, and I hope that you have gained something while following my journey too.

Goal: Healthier Eating

There seems to be a trend regarding this goal…

Not surprising

My holiday expenses in December 2018 is not captured in this, so the numbers there are lower than normal. The 2018 numbers look fairly stable, so it seems like I have a ‘baseline’ fast food consumption. This is how often I will eat fast food if I do not change my behaviour. The numbers are roughly ten visits per month and $50 per month. This will be a useful yardstick to measure my progress as time goes on.

I need to find better alternatives to fast food, or change my ‘default’ behaviour somehow. Meal prepping mentioned in 3Q 2018 Update was too much of a hassle. Reflecting on why fast food pops up as a choice of meal, I’m currently associating fast food meals with ‘value’ since you also get a drink and side for $5.

Time for another approach. Perhaps by removing the ‘value’ association to fast food by looking at the health benefits will help me change my perception of fast food. After all, what’s the point in FIRE if you don’t have the health to enjoy it?

On a positive note, ice cream consumption seems on the way down (McD’s Hershey ice cream was nice though). Yay me!

Portfolio Performance

This is a new section where my portfolio performance will be shared. My goal is to beat the market over the long term, and plan B is to just follow the market. Recently I’ve been reading value investing books and applying the concepts in real life. The results will be evaluated in three years’ time (1 Aug 2021).

Take note that I’ve only started in July 2018 so this is not a full year performance.

This is the WGM portfolio’s performance at 31 Dec 2018.

The returns are calculated based on ROI and does not include dividends (ROI is used here because of the short time frame). WGM portfolio had a dividend ROI of 2.28% vs ES3’s 1.02% for the holding period.

In total, WGM Portfolio ROI is 3.01% vs ES3’s -6.22% for an over performance of 9.23%!

Please note that cash drag is not included in the calculations as I am still looking for opportunities to invest.

I am very happy with the short term performance of the WGM portfolio. That being said, short term performance does not mean much as the market is subjected to unpredictable short term fluctuations. The real test is beating the market average over a long period of time.

On a side note, the market has recovered slightly since 31 Dec 2018.

Total WGM Portfolio ROI is 8.72% vs ES3’s -1.57% for a 10.29% difference. Again, I remain cautiously optimistic for the future and will continue to evaluate my performance.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any suggestions, improvements, criticisms etc.

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