The past couple of weeks were pretty hectic and I’m glad they’re over. As promised, now that we’re in October, it’s time for a quarterly update on all my goal(s)! Currently, my only goal is related to healthier eating.

I will also be talking about my future plans, which will include two new sections: ‘Blogs I Read’ and ‘Programming’.

Goal: Healthier Eating

I have been working on my excel skills, and here’s the fruits of my labour. 

Pivot Tables!

First things first: I didn’t hit my goal of max one fast food per month. But I did cut down on the number of visits and the amount spend (kind of, more on this later)

I had a relatively good start in August, with 3 visits, then an increase in visits in Sep and Oct. Let’s have a look at the breakdown:

Looking at the dates, the frequency of my fast food visits increased in the past few weeks. This is because of my ‘busy season’, as eating fast food is convenient, and also ‘rewarding’ myself (*cough* excuses *cough*). My girlfriend also had a Wingstop craving, and I brought her there on 10 Aug. I only spent $3.95 because I used a $10 voucher. After that visit, I found the wings delicious, so went there a few more times when the craving hit.

Most of the fast food spending under $5 from August onward is because I used a voucher at Wingstop, so the amount spent is artificially low. In reality I used about $40 of vouchers. 

Another reason for the increase in fast food visits is because after 11, there’s only prata or fast food for supper if you don’t cook. 

Overall, even though I did not hit my goal, I am still happy because I had cut down on my fast food visits. However, I could improve by preparing in advance for the future busy periods, so I do not have to rely on fast food. My original goal of fast food once per month still stands.

Forward Guidance 

Moving forward, I am working on adding two new sections: Blogs I Read and Programming. 

Blogs I Read will be a listing of all the blogs I am actively following at the moment. Check them out! (Update: It’s up! )

Programming will be a showcase of some scripts I have written. As mentioned in a previous post, I am learning coding. I have written a game, and would like to share it with others, as well as any future scripts or programs. I am currently looking into implementing a way to run scripts on this website. 

Now that I have more time, hopefully these won’t take too long. 

Thanks for reading.

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