Hello and welcome to wheregotmoney! I am Ben, and my goal is to FIRE by 1st Aug 2028 with a passive income stream of $60,000 yearly from dividends. Hopefully, by that time, I would have written every single thing about my journey and I can simply point to a blog post as a response to any question I might get (Unlikely given that government policies, financial products, etc will change in the future, but one can dream).

I believe that the most important part of investing is the psychology and strategy of an investor, not the ability to pick and analyse stocks. I have seen several people close to me get burnt in the stock market, just because they did not have a clear strategy (selling instead of buying in a market crash when value investing, blindly buying based on ‘tips’). A person who knows nothing about stocks is virtually guaranteed to make money by just dollar cost averaging into a diversified and low cost ETF in the long term. They just need the discipline and time, and a clear exit strategy (maybe P/E > 20). Therefore, I will be posting more on psychology and mindset, and not so much about stock analysis (Also, there are bloggers who are great at analysing stocks , check them out here).

I was exposed to the concept of passive income at a young age thanks to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, (The overall idea behind his books is sound, but specific strategies are more dubious. Look up the criticism and controversy section here) but at that time I did not have any idea about how to acquire these income streams (the only thing I could think of was owning vending machines). Nevertheless, my interest in finance remained, which led to me stumbling upon the idea of FIRE. This blog records whatever happens next.

I also get lots of random thoughts, and this blog will help me articulate and share my ideas. I also enjoy working with numbers, and will be posting some numbers with explanations.

Since the start of this blog, I have picked up some programming, and will be showcasing some of the scripts related to personal finance! Check them out here. (Unfortunately, it turns out that the language is not geared towards displaying on the internet. I have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it set up online, so I will be showcasing those that are easier to share online.)