This list is being constantly updated.

Please note that at the end of the day, you and you alone are in charge of your money and wealth, so please do your own research before buying and/or selling any investment products.

General Finance

A Path to Forever Financial Freedom: A father of two and on a “mini retirement” (Mar 19), Brian blogs about personal finance and investing. He is nearing the end of his FI journey ($900K/$1M as at Mar 19)

A Singaporean Stock Investor: Famous among Singapore finance bloggers, AK is retired and blogs about his life and thoughts on questions posed by readers.

STE’s Stocks Investing Journey: Retired at 44 (with children!), this is where STE pens down his thoughts on investing. His dividend income is roughly the same as AK’s.

My 15 Hour Work Week: Having quarter-retired at 29, Thomas writes about his personal journey to financial freedom, as well as topics on personal finance. [Jan 19 edit: Thomas is on a (minimum) 6 month break]

KPO and CZM: Achieving a combined portfolio of 350k (as at Mar 19) before 30, KPO and CZM document their journey to financial freedom.

Investment Analysis

Investment Moats: An investor since 2005, Kyith writes in-depth articles on different types of investment products and investment growth and managing wealth.

Blog Listing Derek blogs on personal finance and also hosts a list of blogs on his site. (I’ve decided to list it here because there are fewer blog lists than finance blogs)

Singapore Investment Bloggers: Hungry for more? Here’s a list of investment blogs in Singapore.